August 8, 2016

Nitai Utkarsh


Nitai Utkarsh

Chief Investment Officer for the SAR Group

An IIT (BHU) Varanasi – IIM Kozhikode alumnus, Nitai has spent most of his career as a private banker managing portfolios for High Net Worth Individuals across the country. During the course of his engagements with some of the top corporate names in the industry, Nitai has evolved into gaining expertise on the subject of Family Office and headed teams responsible for Investment Advisory, Corporate Strategy, and Business Development, amongst others. Starting with the typical transactional model of wealth management prevalent across the world pre-2008, Nitai was closely involved in conceptualizing and implementing the transition to Advisory and Family Office business models for his employers at different points in time. These employers included not just the largest wealth management outfit in the country at the time but also one of the most promising boutique Multi Family Office setups in recent times.

As the Chief Investment Officer for the SAR Group Single Family Office today, Nitai sits on the other side of the table as he manages investments across asset classes and geographies for the SAR Group promoter family. SAR Group, progenitor of brand Luminous is a leading global company delivering high quality power products for home and commercial applications. The company’s group portfolio comprises brands such as Livpure, Livguard, and Livgreen and spreads across avenues of purity, health and wellness, energy storage, home electricals, renewable energy, power backup and power storage, renewable and alternate energy solutions like biomass pellets and solar, respectively.

Built around a team of skilled Family Office professionals, the SAR Group Family Office led by Nitai has extensive interests in the three verticals of Market Investments (Equity, Fixed Income, and Alternates), Private Investments (both strategic and financial) and International Investments (strategic and financial). Working together with relevant stakeholders in the Investment landscape, the Family Office has close ties with product manufacturers and distributors, Investment advisors, and Co-investors across the globe.

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