August 27, 2016

Devavrat Jatia


Devavrat Jatia

Devavrat Jatia is a third generation entrepreneur whose family business has a commanding presence and history in retail, international commodity trading and real estate. Devavrat’s curiosity compelled him, even at the early age of 17, to begin acquiring business acumen in a variety of industry sectors such as real estate, manufacturing, retail, and most recently – technology.

Devavrat’s interest in technological solutions has blossomed into an intense passion to make the world a better place – and that passion has driven him to expand his family business into the tech sector. Devavrat has travelled the world and worked closely with some of the planet’s most talented entrepreneurs – not only in order to identify key, disruptive opportunities – but to harness the creativity, intellect, and passion of the hundreds of thousands of Indian men and women who have dedicated their lives to technology.

Devavrat’s aspirations of the previous years have culminated into, and taken shape in the form of his current education technology company, Brainnr. The concept behind Brainnr is to empower teachers to provide lessons to students, through a live online tutoring platform, from anywhere in the world, and the driving force behind Brainnr is to develop innovative technological features and solutions that make distance learning an even more in depth and intimate experience. After a eight-month period of research and development, team building, teacher training, content development and then three short months of opening up the platform, Brainnr has catered to the specific needs of over 1,500 students from all over the world and has earned the reputation of providing an outstanding quality of teachers.

Devavrat’s educational background in Finance and Economics, as well as his experience with technology has provided this young man with a balance of knowledge and skills so that he may continue to add value to his existing family business, and to spearhead future ventures, much like Brainnr. Never disconnected from the industry for long, Devavrat keeps a watchful eye on the startup ecosystem and also takes a direct hand in assisting new businesses through ideation and proof of concept.

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